Draft Preparation


Once your collegiate career is over we’ll put together a personalized plan that will position you to become the highest NFL Draft selection and the best NFL rookie that you can be. This begins NOW. At 360 Sports, we will create a customized plan that includes:

  • Preparation for All-Star Games

  • Combine Training

  • Pro Day Preparation

  • Pre-Draft Marketing & Publicity

  • Line of Credit

  • Auto Acquisition

  • Coaching for Wonderlich Testing

  • Interview & Media Skill Development

Arrion Springs

PAID in the NFL

Contract Negotiations

We are experienced contract negotiators who know how to maximize contract terms. At 360 Sports we know what this money can do for you and your family. With our experience and connections we will maximize your contract dollars. We have a proven track record for negotiating substantial Rookie Contracts and Veteran Free Agency Contracts, deals that make even the highest draft pick contracts look small.

  • Nearly $1 Billion in contract negotiation

  • Negotiated contracts with every NFL team

  • Negotiated contracts at every position


Marketing & Endorsements

360 Sports has developed an extensive network of top marketing companies to capitalize on opportunities to build your brand across the nation. Each client of ours has a different plan as to what they want to achieve. Our marketing team will sit down with you to develop a unique marketing plan that is tailored towards you. We make sure that we put together deals that you are excited about and will maximize your off-the-field dollars.

Rob Ninkovich – Dannon Yogurt Appearance
Ahmad Bradshaw Speaking at NFLPA Legends Banquet
Domata Peko Shooting Crest Commercial

Career Management

We are here to handle your business off the field, while you take care of business on the field. Constant contact helps us identify the different stages you are going through in your career, and with our experience, we are able to manage those stages accordingly. The only thing you need to worry about is playing the game and we are able to handle the rest.

  • Financial Resources

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Quality NFL Contacts

  • Marketing


SET FOR LIFE after the NFL

Post Career Coaching

We prepare you for what to expect after your NFL career. At 360 Sports we are always focused on thinking ahead. We make sure you don’t fall into the large group of struggling retired athletes. From day one we will put you with the best financial experts to create a plan that keeps you in a position to stay financially secure after your career. We help you leverage your platform as an NFL player to open doors, create opportunities, and maximize NFL alumnae benefits such as professional training, education, Broadcast Boot Camp, MBA programs, etc.

  • Financial Security

  • Investment Opportunities

  • Living Situations

  • Being a Community Leader

Career Transition

One of the hardest things about ending a career is deciding what to do next. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the next step after your NFL career ends. There are unique opportunities for those who retire from the NFL and it is important that you realize that the NFL is a stepping stone to the rest of your life. Preparation is key in order to successfully transition into the next phase of your life. With early planning, our team will help you funnel your interests into another passion. We have former clients working as:

  • Coaches

  • Broadcasters

  • Personal Trainers

  • Teachers

  • Business Owners

  • Financial Advisors

And many other positions in various fields…

Michael Lehan – Principal, OSSEO High School
Anthony Trucks - Owner, Trucks Training
Brock Gutierrez – Broadcaster for Central Michigan
Eric Stokes – Assistant General Manager, Miami Dolphins
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